Atlastek Teknoloji Bilisim ve Inovasyon A.S.

Atlastek is a subsidiary of DIAS Corporate Group.

As a digital technologies company, Atlastek designs, updates and customizes the technological infrastructure of the Product Tracking Platform developed by DIAS Corporate Group for various sectors.

Thanks to its highly competent technology teams, Atlastek designs product tracking technologies in a powerful and measurable way, not only against risks and actions that have been ongoing from the past to the present, but also against risks and actions that may arise in the future.

Atlastek develops software and hardware solutions according to sector and project needs in different fields. Determining the most appropriate product marking and/or tracking technology for the project (labeling, direct marking, serialization, collective marking, etc.), designing and developing the hardware required for the implementation of this solution for the field are within Atlastek’s areas of expertise. The implementation, operation support and continuous development of the main software and related modules, mobile applications that enable all stakeholders of the designed and implemented solution to work in harmony on an integrated platform are also included in Atlastek’s project delivery activities. Designing new applications for the specific needs of the project and developing payment systems when necessary are also among the wide catalog of services.