GSM2 Inovasyon

GSM2 Inovasyon Sistemleri ve Teknoloji A.S.

GSM2 is a subsidiary of DIAS Corporate Group.

GSM2 is a group company that implements, develops and monitors the operation of the Product Tracking Platform developed by DIAS Corporate Group in various sectors.

GSM2, which manages the physical production and field application operations of the marking solutions in these tracking technologies, has established and put into operation Europe’s largest high-security production facility on an area of 10 thousand square meters in Izmir Bagyurdu Organized Industrial Zone in a very short time, and in this facility, it produces smart labels with over 200 personnel and special technologies.

The non-copyable products produced in this facility with special printing technologies are used by the Public Sector today.

GSM2 is a competent group company responsible for the effective implementation of Product Tracking Platforms in different sectors with its targets in current and future projects.

Product Track and Trace Systems

By developing high-security product track and trace systems, GSM2 facilitates the combat against the underground economy and enables the tracing of more than 11 billion products annually by using special inks, secure paper and advanced printing technology systems in its ISO 14298 certified G-Level production facility in Izmir Bağyurdu Organized Industrial Zone, which produces secure and smart labels.

GSM2 aims to prevent underground commercial activities and prevent the spread of counterfeit products that adversely affect public health by offering services such as secure labels, special security inks, secure special codes, authentication devices and production line authentication solutions.