DİAS Bilişim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş.


The ever-growing trade volume, pandemic-induced disruptions in the supply chain and the increase in raw material prices has paved way for a production approach that has newly evolved to respond to different opportunities in a benefit and cost-oriented approach. As in other countries, this situation has led to the rapid proliferation of counterfeit and adulterated products as a result of counterfeiting, illegal production in our country. The commercial activities focused on smuggled, unregistered and counterfeit create a risk for consumer health and trigger the unregistered economy, unfair gain and competition, leading to tax loss as well as loss of welfare on a national and global scale. In this respect, quality level and traceability are becoming increasingly important for the national economy and employment.

With the product tracking platform developed by our experienced and expert staff who have been working in this field for many years, Dias Bilisim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S. produces solutions. By means of our innovative solution proposals, we have the goal of ensuring a high level of product and public health safety and protection of public tax revenues in production and supply chain operations for end users, industrial manufacturers and public administration.

With its expert staff developing pioneering and innovative solutions, Dias Bilisim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S. has been providing management services to its subsidiaries as well as conducting its activities in strategic business development and corporate management models. Producing solutions that add value to human life by using pioneering technologies in line with its adaptation to the digitalising world, holding an interest against technological progress and being wise to the needs of the sector, Dias Bilisim ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.S. continues its activities as DIAS Corporate Group with a staff of more than 600 people with its 4 subsidiary companies (GSM2 Inovasyon Sistemleri ve Teknoloji A.S., Atlastek Teknoloji Bilisim ve Inovasyon A.S., 2M Elektrikli Arac Sarj Agi ve Istasyon Isletmeciligi A.S. ve Terratek Bilisim Teknoloji ve Inovasyon A.S.)

Having valuable human resources with significant experience in different sectors and multinational organisations in Turkey, DIAS Corporate Group has teams with know-how and application skills in producing solutions;

  • Tracking and control fiction is designed for a wide range of product groups,
  • Simultaneously, solutions that can work efficiently for regulators, public administration, the private sector and consumers are created,
  • Charging station installation and operation services for electric vehicles are provided,
  • Services that primarily consider environmental factors in the field of urbanisation, trade and logistics networks are developed in regions with different characteristics throughout Turkey.

Thanks to the unique implementations of DIAS Corporate Group, which are currently in use in Turkey today;

  • Consumers can be protected against counterfeit, low quality, unregistered products,
  • Law enforcement officers work more effectively against smuggling, illegal trade and organised crime,
  • By using the Product Tracking Platform, actions in all these control channels are carried out in a more effective, fast, planned and economical approach,
  • By enhancing the use of domestic resources, the possibility of any dependence on foreign countries in technology and application is reduced,
  • People-oriented solutions that prioritise sustainable circular economy are generated.

Our processes are designed with the awareness that the added value provided by competent human resources rapidly leads to dramatic transformations in the sectors. Based on this awareness, DIAS Corporate Group regards its main resource as the competent human capital that constantly expanding and carrying its operations to different areas with this richness.

By centering on fair and economic methods in its internal operations, DIAS Corporate Group provides improvements against unfair competition and unfair commercial activities. Recognising its role in working life and the responsibilities of its position as an employer, DIAS Corporate Group provides all its employees with a working environment and culture based on egalitarian, fair and ethical values by improving, protecting and enriching this culture.

By considering environmental, social and corporate governance elements with its Sustainability Policy, DIAS Corporate Group targets to enhance added value in its activities and in this regard, it envisages to create long-term value by making corporate sustainability the basis of the company culture.


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