Dear Stakeholders, 


DIAS Corporate Group adopts a business approach that prioritises investing in human resources in its activities and an organisational structure and management model framed on the axis of corporate governance. Having the opportunity to lead this organisation, which produces value-added and quality solutions, is extremely valuable.


With our processes designed with the principles of digital transformation with which the trends that shape the future are closely followed by effectively evaluating risks and opportunities, we take decisive and robust steps towards achieving our strategic goals.


Through adopting an ethical, agile and transparent approach with the responsibility given by corporate governance principles and sustainability elements, we aim to be the pioneering Group leading the sector in the field of marking and tracking. We are fully confident that DIAS Corporate Group, which rapidly adapts to global changes and transformations, accentuates dynamism with innovative practices and continues to grow with an employee-oriented approach, continues to maximise the value it creates.


Sustainability is regarded as an opportunity for growth and innovation. In this respect, our activities are carried out with a corporate strategy that emphasises the integration of our sustainability priorities into business processes. Regarding the Group’s social, economic, environmental and corporate governance aspects, the Group is endeavouring to improve its sustainability performance.


Through all the activities that have been and will be carried out together with you, I truly believe that our success as Group will continue with the same determination and perseverance, and we will undertake many more projects with high added value together with a management that will be the first in Turkey and an outstanding example in the world. 




Metehan OGUZ

DIAS Corporate Group

CEO & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors