Dear Stakeholders, 

In 2023, where pandemic effects are still in effect, regional wars are on the agenda, epidemic diseases are increasing, the earthquake itself is the disaster of the last century in our country, and the effects of the climate crisis with the increase in globalisation are felt, as well as the increasing production of counterfeit products with counterfeiting and smuggling activities and counterfeit products that occur due to the lack of recording of goods and services at the desired level, have rapidly increased and turned into a global problem. In the face of environmental, social and economic risks, these issues have caused the importance of sustainability to come to the fore both in the world and in our country. One of the critical issues that we are aware of is that these critical issues can only be overcome with digital transformation and a sustainable perspective. In this regard, while planning new investments, the Company keeps pace with rapid changes and developments by evaluating risks and opportunities in order to successfully deal with all the fluctuations brought about by the era. 

Through our experienced and expert staff of more than 350 people who have been working in this field for many years, DIAS Corporate Group aims to continue our steady growth and create employment opportunities by integrating new projects into our work programme. It is our priority to work in a fair, transparent, innovative, entrepreneurial, open to competition environment most importantly by adopting the understanding of sustainability. 

As one of the main fields of activity of DIAS Corporate Group, we will be contributing to the circular economy model by carrying the marking and tracking solutions, which are one of the main fields of activity of DIAS Corporate Group, to the digital future with secure software, technological infrastructures and our innovative approach. We are immensely proud to add value to our country with our production facility, renowned as Europe’s largest high-security printing facility. Keeping a close watch on all kinds of developments in software, technology and business models, and with the understanding that economic performance by itself is not enough for companies today, we pay attention to the success and satisfaction of all our stakeholders, especially our employees, customers and suppliers, by considering the environmental and social impacts of all our activities, products and services.

We sincerely have faith that together with our ever-renewing, developing and improving organisation, we will sustain our achievements as a Group with the same determination and perseverance in all the activities we have implemented and will be implementing, and that we undertake many more high value-added projects together with a structure that will be the first in our country and an example in the world. In the direction of our goal of providing value for our country, we extend our sincere thanks to all our stakeholders who have contributed to our growth and development and who have accompanied us in taking DIAS Corporate Group into the future.


Board of Directors of DIAS Corporate Group