Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors manages and represents the DIAS Corporate Group in line with the Corporate Governance Principles, primarily by considering the long-term interests of the Group with a rational and prudent risk management approach by keeping the risk, growth and return balance of the company at the most appropriate level with the strategic decisions it will adopt. The Board of Directors defines the Group's strategic goals, determines the human and financial resources that the Group requires, and ensures the accurate and timely publication of financial data. It monitors and audits the performance of management and the effectiveness of the internal control environment. The Board of Directors oversees the compliance of the Group's activities with the legislation, articles of association, internal regulations and established policies.

Executive Board:

The Executive Board takes and manages executive decisions under the chairmanship of the CEO on behalf of the Board of Directors in accordance with the strategy, policy and management model to be determined by the Board of Directors. It monitors and improves the efficiency and performance of managerial and operational processes related to business strategies determined in line with the targets of Group companies and coordinates the functions to implement changes. The Board ensures that the Group's activities are carried out in compliance with the legislation and contractual obligations.

Sustainability Board:

The Board coordinates the process of harmonizing the activities of DIAS Corporate Group with sustainability standards and disciplines on behalf of the Board of Directors. It prioritizes the determination of sustainability-related policies, roadmaps and strategies, integrates them into decision-making mechanisms and business models by performing goal-setting tasks. It also monitors sustainability performance and progress and reviews processes. It creates sustainability awareness within the Group as well as coordinating the preparation of sustainability reports.

Promotion Board:

The Promotion Board administers the promotion processes of DIAS Corporate Group employees and assures that the necessary appointments are made within the framework of the principle of merit in accordance with the policies and principles determined by the Board of Directors, by considering the elements of gender equality, equity and inclusiveness, and through a vision that stands against all forms of discrimination. It ensures that people with the most appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies are appointed to vacant positions within the DIAS Corporate Group in order to create the appropriate workforce to achieve the Group's goals and to support the career development of employees.

Ethics Board:

The Ethics Board monitors the matters specified in the Ethical Principles Policy published by the Board of Directors on behalf of all stakeholders and refers them to the Disciplinary Board in case of violation. It determines the principles of ethical behavior such as honesty, accountability and impartiality that DIAS Corporate Group employees and all other stakeholders must comply with. It conducts processes in accordance with these principles and coordinates the provision of necessary trainings by following legal developments in the implementation of the principles.

Disciplinary Board:

The Disciplinary Board handles the disciplinary processes regarding violations received from the Ethics Committee and other sources on behalf of the Board of Directors within the framework of the principles and rules set out in the DIAS Coporate Group Disciplinary Procedure and adopts disciplinary decisions. The Disciplinary Board ensures the protection of working principles based on ethical rules by committing to be fair, equal and confidential while managing this process.

Personal Data Protection Board:

The Personal Data Protection Board was established in order to fulfill the obligations under the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("PDPL") published in the Official Gazette No. 29677 dated April 7, 2016, the Regulation on Deletion, Destruction or Anonymization of Personal Data issued by the Personal Data Protection Authority and published in the Official Gazette No. 30224 dated October 28, 2017, and the PDPL Clarification Text published by the Board of Directors on the corporate website and the procedures to be applied regarding personal data.

Disaster and Emergency Coordination Board:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Disaster and Emergency Coordination Board sets the policies, procedures and risk factors for disasters and emergencies that may occur in all workplaces of DIAS Corporate Group and performs the protective and preventive activities to be carried out beforehand. The Board determines the situation after a disaster and emergency and takes the necessary measures.