At DIAS Corporate Group, we firmly hold the belief that we derive our strength from our employees. In this context, our aim is to identify and recruit the right candidates that will adapt to the dynamism, innovation and motivation of our Group and share our excitement.

During the recruitment process, in addition to the education, technical knowledge and competencies required by the position, we consider personality traits that are in line with the corporate culture and values of our Group. We care that our candidates are global thinkers, have business ethics, are open to development and communication, value innovation, are prone to teamwork, and have problem solving and finalization skills. We prioritize strategic and innovative thinking, effective decision-making, leadership and team development qualities in our candidates for managerial positions.

All applications to our Group are evaluated in compliance with the principles of diversity and equal opportunity, regardless of language, religion, race, gender and without any privileges.

Within the scope of the budgets, plans and programs of our Group companies, requests for personnel needs are submitted to Human Resources in accordance with company procedures. In line with the position competencies and criteria determined by Human Resources, they are advertised on the relevant career websites and the applications received are evaluated.

Offering solutions for the future through software and digital technologies, we welcome you to join us in our rapidly growing company organization with an employee-oriented approach.

If you are interested in joining DIAS Corporate Group, you can contact us by visiting the Job Application page in the Human Resources section of career sites and/or corporate website.