As part of today’s competitive business world, we do our best to create value for all our stakeholders and society by not only focusing on the economic performance of our operations, products and services, but also taking into account our environmental and social responsibilities. With this in view, we have taken steps to reinforce our organizational structure with the aim of integrating our sustainability approach and policy into all Group companies and integrating it into our way of doing business.

At DIAS Corporate Group, sustainability performance is adopted at the level of the Board of Directors, our highest governance body. In line with our sustainability policy, a sustainability department was established within the Group to manage sustainability efforts. Furthermore, a “Sustainability Board” was established to ensure that all DIAS Corporate Group employees are involved in these efforts as well as managing the processes with all stakeholders.

The Sustainability Board coordinates the process of harmonizing the activities of DIAS Corporate Group with sustainability standards and disciplines. The Sustainability Board prioritizes the determination of sustainability-related policies, roadmaps and strategies and integrates them into decision-making mechanisms and business models by performing goal-setting tasks. It also monitors sustainability performance and progress and reviews processes as well as creating  sustainability awareness within the Group. Coordination of the preparation of sustainability reports is also handled. 

For the purpose of determining our sustainability priorities, we carry out a materiality analysis by presenting a wide universe of issues that have the potential to affect and be affected by our activities to the views of all our stakeholders, and we outline our main focus areas based on the outputs of such analysis.

As DIAS Corporate Group, we perform our responsibilities within the framework of our corporate governance approach, while cooperating with sustainability-related initiatives in order to keep abreast of global and national sustainability-related developments.